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Attitude “I need another way of looking at this.” This is my never fails method to get unstuck when the pull of negativity is sucking me downward. It’s the lifeboat that saves me from the maelstrom. The instruction in italics above comes from The Course In Miracles (see Healing Links). I’ve used it for over thirty years to get through minor setbacks as well as to navigate major crisis situations. If I can’t reframe my reality in a way that allows me to move forward, I get help from someone more skilled or more objective than me. This has been...

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  What happens to enslave us to a substance, a person, an activity, a behavior? It may begin with a desire or need to self-medicate, to alter one’s mood or consciousness toward pleasure. Like the attraction of the Ferris wheel, it’s glittery and exciting. It’s fun the first few times. Maybe it’s fun for quite a long time. It’s beautiful. Whether it’s gambling, drinking, drugs, sex. shopping, or a relationship – you’re having the time of your life. What happens when you can’t get off the spinning wheel? When it won’t stop. When it turns...

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In recent weeks, friends have extended themselves for me in a stunning variety of forms. Two male friends took turns shoveling snow for me when I was hit with a one two punch of storms. One of them also brought me kindling, twice, to stoke the necessary fires to keep cozy in bitter weather. Others checked on me with phone calls and visits. Without them, I may not have surfaced until the vernal equinox. A woman friend accompanied me when I had to put my elderly dog down, even making sure I got ice cream afterwards (my particular emotional...

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Doubt This is not an easy topic to explore. I’m not even sure I want to tackle it. But, it keeps coming across my radar, from within and without. So lets dive in. Whoa, scary! I bet he has to deal with doubt every time he does that. Looks like he doesn’t let it stop him. Doubt is not the same as caution. The metaphorical (or the actual) yellow light is a good thing to slow us down when we might otherwise mindlessly forge ahead. How do we distinguish between caution that protects us and doubt that cripples us? The easy answer is that caution...

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Grief I’m tempted to put this word at the top then leave a blank expanse of white page. What can I say about grief to those who grieve? It feels like hubris to assume I have anything to put down on paper that will make a difference. Yet, if my experience can ease someone’s pain even a bit, it’s worth the effort. Sitting with a person who aches with loss, writing them a heartfelt note and sending it through real mail, listening as they share their feelings, in person or in writing – these actions can be helpful when people are in the grip of...

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Gratitude Gratitude has saved me many a time from the clutches of melancholy. It’s easy to entertain ourselves with OUR PROBLEMS, even to define our life by them. Most often we don’t know we’re doing it. Negativity exerts a powerful pull on the human mind. You have only to watch the news or read a newspaper to see what grabs our attention. Chances are it’s not a story guaranteed to lift our spirits.  As we go about our day, some person, place, thing, or situation that’s not acceptable to us similarly grabs our mind. It’s okay to want to...

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Forgiveness II

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Forgiveness II When it comes to practicing forgiveness (see definitions in Forgiveness I blog), it’s best to start with small slights. Don’t dive right into the worst thing ever done to you. Think of it as training to be an elite athlete; fit, trim, energetic. Forgiveness training will give you a psyche with comparable flexibility, response time, and short recovery phase. When something unexpected comes at you, startling your emotional self, you won’t have to collapse, over-react, or add garbage to your bag. Imagine carrying a sac like this...

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Freedom I had a blog written for today but I’ve set it aside to write about what we’re all witnessing in Egypt. As I’ve followed the story of people taking to the streets to demand Freedom from oppression, I’m stunningly aware of how ancient the civilization of Egypt is and of the contribution of that country and it’s people, going back millennia. This website was created to help people free themselves from the psychological and emotional tyranny of past hurts, abuse, and trauma. It is fitting then to recognize here the powerful human drive...

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Ego This is what Ego is not – Calm, Lovely, Serene. Ego fragments reality into such complexity that I’m better able to tell (or show) you what it isn’t than to encapsulate what it is. Ego is not your true nature. The true nature of your mind is like this clear lake. This is precisely why Ego’s efforts to organize your life and world most often leave you frustrated and disappointed. This begins even before you know your name, what your first caregivers call you. Chances are when you first spoke your own name it was to give voice to a...

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Relationship To place this piece in context, I’ve been in a dedicated, heterosexual relationship for the last (nearly) 42 years. Some people envy what I have with my husband; others fear commitment. Think of confinement, as in “committed to a mental institution.” He and I share a hearty laugh over what a friend said recently. “You two make it so easy.”  We remember this comment as we sweep up the metaphorical debris from our latest disconnect (aka fight). I’m a peace-loving individual. I’m trained in conflict resolution. My therapy visits, on...

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