These are tough times we are in. The normal challenges of life’s passages are compounded by pandemic induced isolation. The core human need for community is heightened by grief, loss, change, and confusion. At the same time, opportunities to gather together in like-minded groups are curtailed by the dictates of public health.

Fortunately for women. well-designed and moderated virtual groups (appealing to women 40 and up) have been brought into being by several enterprising and brilliant women. One group, the Woolfers, conceived and articulated by Nina Lorez Collins from New York, quickly grew into an international phenomenon. At almost the same time, Lisa Marrone and Alexa Wahr started the group Revel in California. Lisa and Alexa soon joined with another group, Finding Female Friends past 50 founded by Dale Pollekoff. Realizing that they had a common goal of connecting women of a certain age in sisterhood, in 2021, Nina of the Woolfer and the women of Revel decided to merge their rapidly growing platforms into one under the Revel umbrella.


I’m almost at a loss to describe the depth and breadth of needs that these virtual communities have tapped into internationally. I invite you here to explore the merged Revel entity.

The group is membership based with membership remaining free to those who qualify by age criteria. Sharing and celebration of all aspects of life are the hallmarks of Revel participation.


I myself started as a Woolfer and am now a Revel moderator in the sub-group called Wanderlusters, which explores all things travel and adventure related. What I have experienced with the women I’ve met online is support, sharing, wisdom, wit, and ideas to expand my own horizons.

Spiritual Direction


Many years ago, in his foundational work on psychosocial development, Erik Erikson described the stage of life after 40 as “generativity vs. stagnation.” Generativity is characterized by commitment, relationship, mentoring, and contributing.


The Revel platform is a spectacular model for women of generativity and provides endless ideas and opportunities to nurture and bring that forth in your life. To remain healthy physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually requires that one reach out to others to both give and receive. It is this exchange that literally keeps us enlivened and engaged. Having a virtual place to bring your problems, your solutions, your questions, your ideas and your creations is invaluable. The need for community does not have to go unmet even in the hardest of times, either personally or societally. Revel is here for you. Try it, you’ll like it!

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