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What is an Animal Communication Reading?  

Animals have mastered unconditional love. Humans have not. Communication with an animal happens at an intuitive level (sometimes called the Sixth Sense.) This is how animals communicate with each other. Pet owners have long known that their animals have a sixth sense! In a Reading, the purpose is two-fold: to allow the client to solve a problem they may be having with their animal and to find out why that particular animal is in their life.


What happens during a Reading?

I will first get a sense of the personality of the client and only then will I ask the name, gender, species, and whether the animal is alive or has passed. I will invite the animal to connect with me on an intuitive level. Animals are very open to doing this as they are accustomed to communicating in this manner. I will be open to receiving whatever that animal wants to share. The client will then be able to ask a question of their animal through me. Finally, I will ask the animal questions at the Soul Level having to do with what they are here to teach their human.


What is the Soul Level?

Animals and humans interact at what can be called the ‘3 D level,’ in other words everyday issues with food, play, other animals etc. Soul Level Animal Communication ® is a process trademarked by internationally known Animal Communicator, Danielle MacKinnon. The fact that animals are here to teach us important lessons is something Danielle was taught by the animals themselves during decades of communicating with them. I am trained in receiving information from animals at the 3 D level as well as about their purpose in human lives.


What if I have to cancel a Reading?

If you need to cancel a Reading, and it can’t be re-scheduled, you must give 24 hours notice to receive a refund. Readings cancelled less than 24 hours in advance, or Readings for which you are not available at the appointed time, will not be refunded.


*Animal Communication is not a substitute for Veterinary Care!


What is Soul Level Intuitive Coaching?

Soul Level Intuitive Coaching is a healing methodology  trademarked  by Danielle Mackinnon. It utilizes the wisdom of higher consciousness to shed light on patterns that have held a client back from living their best life.  I am  trained to intuitively connect with my spirit guides and the spirit guides of the client to receive information to lead the client toward resolution of longtime obstacles.


What happens in a Coaching Session?

A Coaching Session is a sacred contract between myself and the client to focus light and love from the higher consciousness of guides on the life journey of that client. The guides and me will be present for the client in each session in a focused, attentive, and loving manner. In a series of sessions, led by the guides and facilitated by me as coach, the client can see their life from a higher perspective and seek freedom from long held negative beliefs and patterns.


What if I cancel a Coaching Session? A coaching session can always be re-scheduled. I am committed to maximum flexibility and compassion as my client processes changes through Soul Level Intuitive Coaching.




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