Sorrow III

"There's a hole in the world tonight

There's a cloud of fear and sorrow

There's a hole in the world tonight

Don't let there be a hole in the world tomorrow"



     Judging ourselves and finding that we come up short is endemic in our high-powered, fast-paced world.  We say things to ourselves that we'd never consider saying to a loved one. "Well, I blew that."  "What a jerk I am."  "I am hopeless." Harsh self-talk is an insidious and destructive

Grief III

     I woke up knowing that my new puppy's name would be Gabriel. My husband was well into the process of finding me an animal that he could train as a Service dog to help me with walking, stability, and balance. We chose an Airedale terrier from a line of Performance Airedales. These were dogs

Grief II

Last year my life changed forever. I've joined that club no one wants to be in - one of my children died. My 36 year old son, Joseph, died of a brain aneurysm.

In the first blog on Grief, I noted some skillful ways to help someone who is grieving. The depth of the pain when grieving the loss of a child, including


From the moment the decision was made to sell our home and move across the country, to this moment as I sit in my new home to write, there was a span of nearly a year. What was accomplished in that year, essentially creating a whole new life, required considerable effort but no struggle. Struggle is a heavy thing,


"Where a man has a certain fantasy, another man may lose his life, or, breach his spirit."

Carl Jung

I begin with this quote from Carl Jung to demonstrate that Trauma is endemic in human society. The sense of the word "breach" as Jung uses it here is "rupture."  The aspect of trauma

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Trusting in the Wisdom and Compassion of Animals

Animal Communication

Would you like to know why your animals are in your life? Do you realize that they are helping you to fulfill your highest potential? Are you deeply grieving a pet who has passed? 

Soul Level Animal Communication ® can ease your grief as you receive messages from your pets that have passed. It allows you to connect with your present animal or animals in an exciting and fun way to solve problems in your daily life.


If you have questions or to book an appointment:



941 479-3535


Soul Level Animal Communication ®: 30 minutes / $32


Soul Level Animal Communication ®: 60 minutes / $62


Spiritual Direction

Are you at a crossroads in your life and feeling stuck? Are you facing an ethical dilemma? Has your inner compass gone haywire?

A spiritual direction session with Meg can guide you to a higher perspective on your life in the here and now. It can help you map out a way forward, free of compromise and infused with energy and conviction. 


If you have questions or to book an appointment:



941 479-3535


E-mail Consultation: $50/hour


Phone Consultation: $65/hour


Grief and Trauma

Are you haunted by traumatic events from your past? Is grief weighing  you down? Is your world view altered by grief and/or trauma? 

A consultation with Meg can re-orient you, help you find direction in your life, and put you on a path toward right-relationship with trauma.


If you have questions or to book an appointment:



941 479-3535


E-mail Consultation: $50/hour


Phone Consultation: $75/hour





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