I had a blog written for today but I’ve set it aside to write about what we’re all witnessing in Egypt. As I’ve followed the story of people taking to the streets to demand Freedom from oppression, I’m stunningly aware of how ancient the civilization of Egypt is and of the contribution of that country and it’s people, going back millennia.

This website was created to help people free themselves from the psychological and emotional tyranny of past hurts, abuse, and trauma. It is fitting then to recognize here the powerful human drive to shape our own destiny that is playing out for all to see in Egypt and other Arab countries.

The specific grievances of the demonstrators have been well articulated by journalists, diplomats, and political commentators. That’s not my mission here. The overarching theme of human Freedom is what I want to explore. One of the core human needs is for Dignity. When someone else controls us, be that an individual or a system, our Dignity is threatened. Our voice is held hostage. Often it takes a community for us to find our voice and clear a path to Freedom. The first time our voice emerges, it may be the voice of rage.

In response to oppression and abuse of power, anger is healthy.

To get past anger, there must be Hope. If we cannot see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel, it’s very difficult to be drawn into a hopeful future.

The events in Egypt may seem remote, even with the benefit of satellite TV and the Internet. I propose we reflect on our own experience of being controlled, coerced, held captive, or dis-empowered. What I want us to tap into is the feeling of frustration and hopelessness, the inability to see light in our future. This is, in effect, a psychological prison. Breaking out of that prison is a process of awakening to our basic need for Freedom and then looking for the person or community that has our best interests at heart and is willing to help us.

For the moment, the people in the streets of Egypt have found each other. And many of them are reaching out together toward the God of their understanding. It is a powerful sight to see thousands of people praying and chanting together for Freedom, falling to their knees in the street and prostrating themselves in supplication. If you were able to identify with their frustration and share their hope, you can pray to whatever or whomever you pray to with the future of those distressed people in mind. We are all sustained by the same Sun and subject to the rhythms of the same Moon. May the Sun set on a Peaceful Egypt.

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