Forgiveness I

1. Seeing the truth of the matter without Guilt

2. Compassionate feelings that support a willingness to forgive

3. The act of excusing a mistake or offense

Surely some things are unforgiveable.

Isn’t this the last outpost where most of us end up? The little piece of ground where we closely guard “our truth” from the pressure to let it go, give it up, take our hands off their throat?

When I’m dead, what difference will it make that I defended that territory so very well? No difference, none at all. Ok. But what if I don’t know how? How do I do this forgiveness thing without accepting the unacceptable? Let’s talk ourselves through it. First, we’ll pick a safe place.


Let’s try that again.

Ok, this has possibilities. There is a bench to the right after you walk the path. You can walk down the path, can’t you? It’s just a path.

If you feel safe on the bench then read on. If not, get in touch and we’ll sort it out.

You’ll notice that we’re out in nature. Mother Earth provides an abundance of safe and lovely places to go within and see what may need your attention. For now, enjoy being with yourself in a quiet setting. If you’re not enjoying being with yourself, get in touch. You can tell me about that. We’re taking this slow. Forgiveness, for those who’ve been predated upon or otherwise traumatized, is gnarly. Yes, forgiveness may be the “gnarliest” part of your healing odyssey. That’s why we have Noah’s Ark – A Safe Place in a Storm. Stay tuned.

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