“Thank you for the very thoughtful and insightful session you arranged for me with my Airedale puppy Angelo.  I loved the shared theme of being confident in each other that we can do what we need to do….and, specifically, his desire that I have confidence that he’s fully capable of doing what he needs to do even if he thinks he’s not getting rewarded quickly enough or substantially enough!!!  I can relate to his impatience when he says “let’s get on with it”!”


                                                                        Janice M. LeCoq



“I had my first EVER reading to connect with my departed Gizmoe.I did not know what to expect but Meg’s reassuring nature and explanation of what to expect was extremely comforting and helped put me at ease. The first word she ‘received’ was quirky and to sum it up, Gizmoe was THE MOST quirkiest dog ever. Meg went on to describe Gizmoe on two legs like a circus dog and funny enough, Gizmoe’s headstone depicts her on two legs and we had a circus themed funeral for her (mind you, I am a funeral director and Gizmoe was the first pet burial at our pet cemetery in Venice, FL. ) Would definitely recommend Meg to conduct a reading on your pet.”

                                                                        Tanya Scotece


“Meg has helped me immensely in truly understanding the strained relationship dynamic between myself and my rescue dog Ringo. From our first conversation, and without my telling her any identifying information about my dog, she pin-pointed what was getting in the way of a harmonious owner-pet relationship and located the areas where we were stuck. She could tell that Ringo needed for me to show him that I am in control and can set firmer boundaries with people in my life in order for him to relax and let me keep him safe rather than vise versa. She identified that further training was needed for me to learn how to be more assertive with my strong-willed guard dog so that I could take the pressure off of him, and so that he could trust me and relax! I’m forever grateful for her direction and help.” 

                                                                                   Zoe Kahn

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