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Animal Communication


Soul Level animal communication allows you to connect with your animal or animals and get information on why they are in your life and how they are helping you fulfill your highest potential. It can also help you with grieving a pet who has passed.

Our pets have mastered unconditional love, as humans clearly have not. Meg has been trained by one of the foremost Animal Communicators in the world, Danielle MacKinnon. http://www.daniellemackinnon.com

The first reading is complimentary, Meg asks only that if you are pleased with the communication that you send her a Testimonial. Subsequent readings start at $24 for 20 minutes and can be paid with the PayPal buttons below.

Soul Level Animal Communication is an exciting and fun way to solve problems in your daily life.


Soul Level Animal Communication: 20 minutes



Soul Level Animal Communication: 40 minutes



Soul Level Animal Communication: 60 minutes




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